Filming of Madame Web is finished , but for the release we will have to wait a little longer, and the film continues to be surrounded by an aura of mystery.

In his podcast Hot Mic , on the other hand, Jeff Sneider claims to have discovered the role of Sydney Sweeney , which would confirm the rumors of recent months.

According to these rumors, the Euphoria actress will lend her face to Spider Woman : Sneider says he is “100% sure” of it. Rumors actually claimed that she would play Julia Carpenter , one of the incarnations of the heroine. In this case, however, we are talking about Spider-Woman … so can we expect to see her in a spider costume? It is still unclear, assuming these rumors are reliable.

However, it seems that Cassandra Webb ( Dakota Johnson ) will be accompanied by a trio of Spider Women , including Anya Corazon ( Isabela Merced ) and Matte Franklin ( Celeste O’Connor ). The information leaked so far says that this group of heroines will have to protect Mary Parker ( Emma Roberts ) while she is pregnant with Peter , and that the antagonist will be Ezekiel Simms ( Tahar Rahim ), but there is no confirmation in this regard. Incidentally, a Spider-Woman movie was in development with Olivia Wildedirector… should we expect Sydney Sweeney to star? For the moment we don’t know, also because that project has never been talked about again.

I remind you that the American release has been postponed to February 16, 2024 , and that the cinecomic is part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe .

Madame Web

Created by Denny O’Neil (story) and John Romita Jr (art) in The Amazing Spider-Man #210, Cassandra Webb is a medium endowed with various mental powers, including clairvoyance, foresight and astral bilocation. She is blind and suffers from myasthenia gravis, a neuromuscular disease characterized by fatigue and muscle weakness: for this reason, she is connected to a life support system that resembles a spider’s web. In the comics she has often teamed up with Spider-Man , and was the leader of the Spider-Women group .

The cast

The cast includes Dakota Johnson , Sydney Sweeney , Celeste O’Connor , Isabela Merced , Tahar Rahim , Emma Roberts , Mike Epps , Adam Scott and Zosia Mamet .


The direction was entrusted to SJ Clarkson , one of the best known directors of the small screen: she directed various episodes of EastEnders, Jessica Jones, The Defenders, Life on Mars, Dexter, Collateral, Anatomy of a scandal and many other series.

The script

The screenplay for Madame Web is written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless , showrunners of Lost in Space and writers of Morbius .