Win remains the fastest fixed internet and Claro leads in mobile internet

SpeedTest Q2 2022 Report Spotlights Fiber Optic Operator .

Ookla , the company behind internet speed measurement service SpeedTest , has just released its Q2 2022 report.

There are no big surprises in Peru, with Win prevailing in fixed connections thanks to its fiber optic connections , while Claro achieves the best speed in mobile internet .

Win and its leadership in fixed internet

Win ‘s median speed is vastly higher at 106.90 Mbps, says Ookla.

Claro and Movistar lag behind with 51.56 Mbps and 44.21 Mbps, respectively.

Win also beats the competition when it comes to latency or response time.

Winet Telecom (the name by which SpeedTest identifies Win ) has median latencies of 3 ms. Claro and Movistar lag behind with 10 ms and 13 ms, respectively.

Another important measurement is consistency. In this one, Ookla reviews what percentage of tests show at least 25 Mbps download speed and 3 Mbps upload speed.

In these tests, Win has a 90.2% consistency, Claro 78.4% and Movistar 68.8%.

Why does Win maintain this advantage in fixed Internet connections in Peru?

As we explained earlier, Win has a great advantage in this type of measurement since it only has fiber optics (FTTH).

Both Claro and Movistar still have coaxial connections (HFC) and even ADSL, although they are progressively expanding their fiber optic offer.

Most operators that offer fiber optics provide a symmetrical connection , which allows content to be uploaded at the same speed as it is downloaded. This is a great advantage, especially for users who upload large files to social networks or the cloud.

Clearly ahead of the mobile internet

In mobile internet, Claro is the operator with the best average speeds, with 21.52 Mbps.

The podium is completed by Entel (17.02 Mbps) and Movistar (15.93 Mbps), which have a short distance between them.

Bitel is in fourth place with median speeds of 10.56 Mbps, the measurements in SpeedTest indicate .

In the medium latency, Entel and Movistar share the first place with 25 ms. Claro is very close with 28 ms and Bitel further back with 38 ms.

Consistency in mobile internet is measured by reporting what percentage of tests had at least 5 Mbps download speed and 1 Mbps upload speed.

The three big operators registered more than 70% consistency. Claro (73.8%), Entel (71.8%) and Movistar (70.6%) are quite close in this area.

For its part, Bitel has a 65.2% consistency.