Windows 11: Most professional PCs are not compatible with the system, says survey

The Windows 11 has some very strict measures related to security that require TPM 2.0 , Secure Boot and a CPU officially supported by Microsoft . Strict criteria have made companies like Oracle work on passing drivers for a working solution. Microsoft said this is essential, as security is paramount in its new operating system.

In this scenario, Windows 11 will be released in a few days , on October 5th, but most PCs will not be ready to receive it. At least that’s what the “Windows 11 Readiness Audit” survey conducted by Lansweeper claims.

It is worth pointing out that Microsoft has already confirmed, for example, that most of the 7th generation of Intel or AMD Zen 1 will not be compatible with the system . Big Tech’s promise is that this new generation of software will be much faster than Windows 10 .

The survey evaluated nearly 30 million devices from 60,000 organizations — most PCs cannot be upgraded to Windows 11 as they were found without system requirements criteria.

While most of these PCs meet the 4GB RAM requirement, the majority (55.6%) do not have a CPU on Microsoft’s official support list. Close to a fifth of PCs (19.26%) also failed the TPM 2.0 verification.

Separate data was also presented specifically for TPM 2.0 as there is a lot of commotion surrounding it. The data shows that about 20% of physical workstations and about 5% of physical servers fail in the TPM department.

Even so, September’s AdDuplex numbers show that Microsoft’s new operating system is within 1.3 percent of PCs, although Windows 11 has yet to be publicly released. If you are curious about your PC’s compatibility with Windows 11, check out this app that performs the verification .