Windows 11 will integrate Spotify in a function to improve concentration

Windows 11 will come with more news than Microsoft announced last June. One of the new functions will allow, with the help of Spotify, to improve concentration when performing tasks, working, or studying with the latest version of the operating system.

Panos Panay, head of Windows and Microsoft devices, has advanced some details of this feature incorporated into the Windows 11 Clock application. The function will allow you to create 30-minute sessions to complete pending tasks in Microsoft To-Do. It will also add the possibility of playing a song through integration with Spotify in the app itself.

The new feature in Windows 11, called Focus Sessions, is very similar to the classic Pomodoro technique, which consists of doing sessions of about 30 minutes with 5-minute breaks between sessions until the task is complete. The integration with Spotify is nothing more than an addition to liven up listening to music. However, it is very intuitive that everything can be adjusting from a single application.

We will have to wait to find out if this function will be available to all Spotify users. It will add the possibility of synchronizing each account’s lists, albums, or songs or having a default library with music that helps us improve concentration. The first betas, at the moment, do not show signs of this feature in the Clock app. However, it is expected to be operational in the final version of Windows 11.

Windows 11 will arrive with essential improvements related to productivity.

Focus Sessions isn’t the only Windows 11 feature designed to improve concentration. The new version of the operating system is packed with new features that help streamline tasks and maximize productivity. For example, the integration with Microsoft Teams or the latest options for multitasking.

The Microsoft Store will also have Android applications that run on the operating system itself. With this, the user will download those apps that they commonly use on their mobile or tablet and make them work on a larger screen.

The first Windows 11 beta can install through the Windows Insiders program. The final version will arrive at the end of the year.