Windows 365 is so successful that Microsoft took unexpected steps to meet the demand

Windows 365 has everything to be one of the most successful products Microsoft has released in recent years, and its start has been promising. The Redmond corporation was forced to pause free trials of its new cloud PC service; This has been due to the very high demand from users after only one day of availability.

With Windows 365, you can configure a virtual computer with Windows 10 (or Windows 11 in the future) and interact with it via streaming from a web browser. The platform works with a subscription, and, of course, the prices vary depending on the choice of processor, storage and RAM.

The truth is that the initial demand has been so high that Microsoft exhausted the servers available to manage the free trials. It is worth noting that Windows 365 allows access to a free period of two months before paying the corresponding amount.

“We have seen an incredible response to Windows 365 and need to pause our free trial program while we provide additional capacity,” said Scott Manchester, director of Program Management for the platform developed in Redmond.

Windows 365 is an immediate hit for Microsoft.

Users who wish to access the free two-month trial of Windows 365 can sign up and wait to be notified when they are available again. Anyway, it is essential to clarify that Microsoft also allows you to directly buy access to the PC service in the cloud without previously testing it.

With the formal launch of Windows 365, the US firm announced the prices corresponding to the plans for businesses and companies. As we said at the beginning, they vary according to the chosen configuration.

The cheapest option provides access to a computer with a virtual CPU, 64GB of storage, and 2GB of RAM; the cost is $ 24 per month per user. Meanwhile, the more expensive variant includes eight vCPUs, 512GB of storage, and 32GB of RAM; it is offered for up to $ 162 per month per user.

Microsoft’s new cloud PC service even allows users to upgrade the specifications of their virtual computers as more powerful variants are required.