Windows: How to capture screen with keyboard shortcuts?

Windows offers screenshot function and you can do it with keyboard shortcuts. In this note learn how to do it.


The option offered by Windows to capture the screen is very useful today. Now that studying and working is virtual.

This option makes it easier to take screenshots of data or important information without having to write them, you just have to capture it and you will have it ready to see it at any time. The key used to capture is Print. Pant, being the main one and the one that will serve as a complement to make other types of capture. This feature is easy to use, and in this note, you will be able to learn how to use it by following simple steps.

Learn about the different types of screenshots in Windows

print pant

It’s usually in the top right of your keyboard, and is recognized as Print Screen, Print Screen, or Pet Sys. To take the screenshot you must press the Print Screen button and it will automatically take the screenshot of the content being projected and save it to the clipboard. You will only have to go to programs where you can press Control + V to paste the capture and save it.

Windows key + Shift and the letter S

Using this combination of keys will open a Crop and Sketch controls program, which will allow you to select the crop option to take the screenshots and you will be able to make this capture by cutting with the mouse pointer to part of the screen and when you release it you will get the capture on the clipboard ready to save.

Windows + Print Screen

Pressing these keys will activate the capture and, unlike the other combinations, it will not be saved to the clipboard, but will be saved in PNG format in the default folder for saving captures. It is useful when you have to capture several contents, since you will not waste time pasting and saving.

Alt + Print Screen

This combination of keys will be able to create an active screenshot, this means that if you have several windows open in the Windows operating system, it will only capture the content that you have in the foreground. It will also be saved to the clipboard.