The cancellation of Fate: The Winx Saga after two seasons left fans of the Netflix series baffled, to the point that Iginio Straffi ,


Its creator of the famous brand and founder of the animation studio Rainbow , felt the need to speak to the “big Winx Club family. ”Through a press release published on Instagram. In the text, Straffi reveals that the saga will continue thanks to other projects on the horizon, including a film.

Straffi first apologizes for the abrupt way in which the news of the cancellation was given:

The news came suddenly, abruptly, without considering your involvement, but above all your feelings. News communicated by someone who only for a few years – following the assignment entrusted to him by Netflix to work on the live action of Fate – was part of the long journey of the Winx and who certainly cannot fully understand the close link that exists between the world Winx and you, and the affection with which Rainbow interacts with its huge community of fans.

Straffi adds that “ Fate was an exciting adventure, a great achievement and an extraordinary success”. But don’t worry: “If Fate has stopped the Winx won’t do it”, confirms the producer. “I have a lot of news for the future of our fairies, and I think I can already reveal some secrets to you”.

The two novelties are, on the one hand, “a CGI reboot series of Winx Club “, “with which I promise to bring you back to the real world of the Winx”. On the other hand, an old “dream in the drawer” by Straffi: “a high-budget live action film by the Winx”. A high-quality film with which you can immerse yourself and rediscover the values ​​that an iconic brand like Winx has always embodied: believe in yourself, know how to value yourself, cultivate true friendship, share lots of laughs, but also get excited with the incredible fairy transformations ” .

Straffi does not mention dates, so there will certainly be waiting on both fronts. It is also unclear whether the announced film will be a continuation of Fate: The Winx Saga or something entirely new. But the announcement is enough to keep fans in suspense.