With this interactive map in the style of Google Maps you will be able to see the movement of Russian troops

With this interactive map you can see how the troops of the Russian armed forces are being deployed .


Everyone in Europe  is alert because Russia ‘s actions are causing anxiety, even causing other countries like Spain to get involved in the conflict. Some users fear that these actions will escalate into a war scenario of great proportions and many are vigilant of what is happening with the Russian troops .

Therefore, a map made by the Rodeli Foundation, or Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, allows you to interact with the interface to see how the Russian military is moving .

David Batashvili, creator of the interactive map , indicates the base is a Google Maps to which the route signs have been changed by units of the Russian military forces .

real time map

With this map you will be able to see in real time how Russia’s land, air, naval and artillery units are mobilized.

In the map legend you can see up to 40 different entries for units, facilities, communication nodes and even air defense units.

In addition, it shows you the maneuvers that the Russian army is carrying out . Each icon has relevant information that will help you understand the reasons for the position of that unit in that specific site.