Without leaving traces: How to delete YouTube history

YouTube , allows the user to completely delete the history of reproductions , either to keep the tray of videos seen clean or for security.


YouTube is one of the websites that has been present for a long time in the history of the internet in the past two decades, so it has become a crucial platform for millions of users who search for different videos on this player throughout the world. day.

Netizens constantly use YouTube , to play any type of video that is of interest to them. However, not many know that it is stored in a playback history, so anyone who has the website account or is linked to a common computer can see said playlist. This situation causes the user some discomfort and even annoyance, which is why many people prefer to delete their YouTube search history . But how to do it? Here the steps.

Delete YouTube search history

  1. The first thing the user must do is enter the YouTube search history, this is found in the My activity section or in the three horizontal lines at the left end of the YouTube page .
  2. If the person wants to enter the My Activity section, they will find a broader option of functions, which include:
  • Check search history
  • Delete all search history
  • Remove a specific search from the Search suggestion
  • Pause search history

It should be noted that if the user chooses the option to delete all search history, the searches that he previously carried out will no longer appear in recommendations, so he must be careful when performing this function. On the other hand, if you want to open the YouTube page and go to the section with the three lines, you must go to the bottom where the History option will appear and click on it, when you arrive, a screen will open where all the functions it can perform, which are made up of:

  •  Clear all watch history
  •  Pause watch history
  • Manage all history

In this feature, if the user deletes all the history, it will alter the video recommendations that YouTube makes , since it does not know the consumption habits of the person.

on mobile

Within a smartphone the function is much simpler, here are the steps:

  1. Open the YouTube app .
  2. Press the icon with the image of the user’s profile located in the upper right part of the app.
  3. After this step the Account options will appear. Among them, the person must click on the Settings option to enter the YouTube settings .
  4. Once you are in settings, look for the History and Privacy section, this function is found between the Watch on TV and Paid Subscription options.
  5. When you press History and Privacy, the option to Clear playback history will appear, click there and that’s it. The procedure was done.

On TV or game console

  1. Go to the YouTube application and press the menu that is located on the left of the screen.
  2. User must press Settings
  3. Select Clear search history
  4. Done, the function will be performed immediately,