Hulu has decided to cancel Woke after two seasons: the news comes from Deadline , which however does not explain the reasons for this decision (also because perhaps they have not been revealed).


Lamorne Morris ( New Girl ‘s lovely Winston) played a fictional version of cartoonist Keith Knight , called Keef . The series, not surprisingly, draws inspiration from his story: cartoonist close to great success, Keef is not interested in political-social commitment, but changes his mind when he is mistaken for a suspect and suffers police violence. From that moment, something inside him awakens, and the objects begin to talk to him as if they were cartoons , opening his eyes to the injustices (and above all to racism) in the world.

The growing awareness of racial discrimination, with the 2020 protests linked to the Black Lives Matter movement and the demolition of statues depicting controversial historical figures, had given further impetus to the themes covered by the show. We do not know if the production is trying to place it elsewhere, or if the cancellation is to be considered final.

We will keep you posted.

The official synopsis

Woke tells the story of Keef, an African American cartoonist who is finally on the verge of breaking into the mainstream when an unexpected accident changes everything. Now Keef has to extricate himself from the new voices and new ideas that arise before him, provoking him… all this without jeopardizing what he has built.

The cast

Woke ‘s cast includes Lamorne Morris , T. Murph, Blake Anderson, Lara Goldie, Sasheer Zamata, Elizabeth Bowen, Ajay Banks and Nathan Houle .


The production is handled by Cloud Nine Productions, Olive Bridge Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television .