Woman is captured after trying to enter China with 200 processors in a false belly

The woman tried to smuggle more than 200 Intel Alder Lake CPUs and several iPhones  back into China .


A woman was caught trying to enter China with more than 200 Intel -branded processors hidden in a fake pregnancy belly.

The woman, identified as Zhao, tried to enter the country from Macau but was detained by customs officials based on her appearance: the woman reported being five months pregnant, but her belly looked like that of someone about to give birth.

CPU Smuggling

The agents discovered the false belly of the woman after their initial suspicions.

In this kind of silicone shell, the woman was trying to smuggle 202 Intel Alder Lake and Rocket Lake processors, as well as 9 iPhones. It is believed that the purpose of it was to evade taxes on items.

In an official estimate, the total loot is believed to be worth $50,000

increasingly common

Smuggling is common at the Chinese border due to its high import duties. Several would-be smugglers have attempted to cross the border with CPUs and phones strapped to their bodies before.

In March, a man with 160 CPUs and 16 flip phones was arrested at the Gongpei port. The record for the most near- smuggled processors is currently held by a couple of truckers returning from Hong Kong who had 256 processors strapped to their limbs between them , and the record for phones is 146 iPhones, also by a man coming from Hong Kong.