Wordle: How did the game save an old lady from kidnapping?

Family and friends called the police after noticing that he had not published his daily Wordle .


An 80-year-old woman was saved from  being kidnapped  at home thanks to her habit of playing Wordle and posting her results every morning.

Denyse Holt’s home in Lincolnwood, Illinois, was invaded by James H. Davis III (32), who held her captive for about 17 hours after entering armed.

The man, who was naked and bleeding from a cut when he broke one of the elderly woman’s windows, forced her to take a shower with him.

The woman was then dragged (in her soaked nightwear) to another bathroom in the house, where she was locked in while the kidnapper “felt at home.”

Saved by Wordle?

Family and friends far from home began to worry about Deynse Holt after she didn’t read messages.

Meredith, her daughter, noticed that she had not complied with a morning custom.

“I didn’t send my oldest daughter a Wordle in the morning and that worried her,” she told a CBS affiliate .

A SWAT squad eventually arrived at the woman’s home after family and friends called police.

The man, with apparent mental health problems, was captured and the woman did not sustain any injuries.

Wordle: a phenomenon

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer from Brooklyn.

Wordle is based on guessing a five-letter word each day and allows users to share their performance on social networks.

In its beginnings (in November 2021) it had just 90 users, but in 2022 it reached millions.

This caused its purchase by The New York Times newspaper for “millions of dollars”, with the figure not yet specified.

Spanish Wordle users play an adapted version.