Wordle was bought by The New York Times and will remain free “for now”

The play on words was acquired by a figure “in the low seven figures”.


Wordle , one of the most popular games of the moment, has been bought by The New York Times .

It was the same American newspaper that reported the acquisition, for a figure in “low seven figures.” That is, just over 1 million dollars.

Wordle was bought from its creator, Josh Wardle, a software engineer in Brooklyn.

According to The New York Times , Wordle had just 90 users on November 1, 2021, it rose to 300 thousand in the middle of this month and now millions play it daily.

The acquisition will be part of the newspaper’s strategy to increase its subscriber volume.

However, The New York Times assures that the game will remain “initially free” for new and existing players.

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Wordle is based on guessing a five-letter word each day and allows users to share their performance on social networks.