Xiaomi claims that the company took 50 million Huawei users after its fall

Huawei lost approximately 80 million users after the blockades imposed by the United States. A large percentage moved to another Chinese company: Xiaomi .


The president of Xiaomi , Lu Weibing , has made controversy by assuring that his company “took” about 50 million users of Huawei , a company that fell in the mobile market after the multiple restrictions imposed by the United States government.

The remarks were made by Weibing on a call with investors last week, according to Chinese outlet CNMO .

taking advantage of the fall

According to the CEO of Xiaomi , Huawei has lost 80 million users worldwide.

The 50 million obtained by Xiaomi have been carried out in the space of 3 years. The other 30 million were divided between Apple, who took 20 million users, and HONOR, a company that was previously a sub-brand of Huawei and now, independently, claimed 10 million.

Lu Weibing also ensures that Xiaomi ‘s growth in the high-end is strong, with a 13% global share of this market.

High, albeit with stumbles

According to the largest cell phone companies, Apple and Samsung grew in market share during 2022 , but Xiaomi did not. However, the Chinese brand continues as the third in shipments worldwide.

Xiaomi is currently preparing for the launch of its Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro phones, with which it hopes to convince even more people