Xiaomi envisions a “fight of life or death” to overcome Apple

The Chinese brand heats up the competition in the mobile market and prepares the confrontation with Apple for the premium range, especially in China.


Xiaomi aims to overtake Apple in the premium segment in what it calls a “life and death fight”.

This was explained by Lei Jun, founder and leader of Xiaomi , through a post on Weibo .

“(We aim to) fully compare ourselves against Apple in terms of product and experience to become the biggest high-end brand in China in the next three years,” he said.

According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi ‘s senior executives had their first strategic meeting after celebrating the Lunar New Year . In this, they have prepared the vision for the “life or death fight” that Xiaomi must deal with in the premium or high-end segment to continue growing.

The head of Xiaomi also endorsed the promise to invest 100 billion yuan (about US $ 15.7 billion at the exchange rate) over the next five years.

Xiaomi grows around the world, but China is a difficult market

Third globally

Growth in South America, Africa and Europe have boosted Xiaomi, which is in an expectant third place in cell phone shipments worldwide, according to data from the consultants Counterpoint Research and IDC.