Xiaomi: how to understand the different brands and lines of the Chinese company

From the entry range to the premium, Xiaomi has a large number of cell phones.


We have already explained how to understand the lines that Samsung offers in the cell phone market. Another brand that has several lines is Xiaomi , which from time to time launches a new team.

Xiaomi ‘s lines are differentiated by the target audience, some special features and, of course: the price.

Xiaomi is also characterized by working under three main brands: Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO.


Xiaomi ‘s proposal begins with Redmi cell phones.


Since 2013, this brand was created to target users who are looking for the best value for a cell phone. This is also subdivided into models A and models C.

In Peru, they are usually released below 800 soles.

redmi note

A step beyond the Redmi and consecrated mid-range warriors.

The Redmi Note series arrives with different models, counting at least six in its lineup for 2022.

Probably the ideal Xiaomi for the user who does not want to spend a lot. You usually find them from 800 soles.

Redmi K

They are cell phones that are mainly aimed at the high end, but are only available in some markets.


For some years now, Xiaomi phones have sought to offer more premium features.


A previous step to the most premium of Xiaomi with interesting features. Current examples are the Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro .

In the case of these teams, they start from the released S/ 2000.

Xiaomi (previously Mi)

Before we knew them as the Mi , but now they are simply Xiaomi .

This year we have seen the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro in the local market. They point directly to the high-end and are currently Xiaomi ‘s most premium proposal in the local market.

Their released prices start at 3000 soles.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra is expected soon, but we are not sure if it will arrive in Peru.


This Xiaomi brand started with the remembered Pocophone F1, a 2018 cell phone that offered many premium features at a low price.

What seemed like an experiment officially became a brand in 2020. Their designs are quite eye-catching and they are mainly positioned as equipment for gamers.

They are ordered like this, based on prices and characteristics (from lowest to highest): POCO C, POCO M, POCO X and POCO F.