“Xiaomi Unveils Redmi’s 300W Fast Charge: 100% in 5 Minutes

This technology would allow Xiaomi to charge Redmi 4100 mAh equipment in just 5 minutes. Of course, it is an idea and not yet a reality within its catalogue.

Taking advantage of the MWC 2023 week , Xiaomi presented a new 300W fast charging technology for its Redmi family .

With this breakthrough, it could 100% charge a 4100 mAh cell phone in just 5 minutes of charging.

fast charge race

In late October,  Xiaomi launched its 210W mobile charging technology through its sub-brand Redmi , eventually being surpassed by a 240W version from Realme, part of the Oppo and OnePlus family, in early February.

Now, with its new 300W technology, it breaks the mark again, demonstrating it in a modified Redmi Note 12 Pro+ with a 4100 mAh battery.

According to the demo video, the phone reached 20% in just over a minute, followed by 50% in 2 minutes and 12 seconds, and then 100% in just under 5 minutes. The power meter indicated a maximum input of just over 290W for the charger, also managing to sustain 280W and up for around two minutes at one point.

Will we see it in the industry?

The company did not mention whether this 300W charging technology will be mass-produced. Xiaomi also didn’t share figures on charge cycles, which is a sobering reminder of how higher charging power can affect battery life.

Although fast charging is an addition that users value in the Android market, this new fast energy injection system can negatively impact the useful life of the device. In general, lithium batteries housed in phones with high fast charge values ​​tend to receive a considerable amount of energy constantly, causing the total capacity of the battery to be affected in the long run.

The company said the battery here contains more powerful 15C cells (as opposed to the 10C cells in the Discovery Edition), which consist of new carbon materials instead of some of the conventional graphite parts, reducing the thickness of the electrodes. by 35%.