Xiaomi’s new humanoid robot learned to play drums

CyberOne is Xiaomi ‘s proposalfor “the future full of robots”.


Xiaomi has given more details about its CyberOne humanoid robot and has shown it in an unexpected facet: as a musician.

The Chinese company has put the robot to the test and has published a video in which this intelligence plays the drums.


In an interview with IEEE Spectrum , the engineers show the CyberOne playing this musical instrument.

To do this, the robot is fed the MIDI file of the song to recognize the touches and be able to play them physically.

In the video you can see how the CyberOne puts the 21 free points and its 13 articulations to work to make a drum rhythm. Although it is not that complex, it puts its technological advances to the test.

What we know about CyberOne

The humanoid robot measures 1.77 meters and weighs 52 kilos. For some reason, he is a Leo sign.

Its face is a curved OLED panel, it has internal microphones and it can identify up to 45 types of emotions.

If he ran, he can reach up to a speed of 3.6 kilometers per hour.

It is expected to come out sometime at a price between $89 and $104,000.