You can download it! Microsoft releases first ISOs for Windows 11 vNext

Earlier this week, Microsoft released Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22454, the second build for the Dev channel since it split from the Beta channel. You can now download an official ISO of this build. The company offers official Insider ISO images for Windows 11 build 22454, build 22000.132, and Windows 10 build 19044.1202.

This is the first time Microsoft has released ISO images for Windows 11 vNext. It is not explicitly linked to the next version of the operating system, which will be released soon, but it is a pre-release version. This is how the Dev channel works. It exists to test new features in a perpetual state of ‘vNext.’

It is also notable that Windows 10 build 19044 is available in ISO format, as it is a preview of Windows 10 version 21H2. This means that this is the only way to participate in the 21H2 test. See, Microsoft has started sending copies to the Release Preview channel, but it’s only for those excluded from the Beta channel for not meeting the Windows 11 requirements.

Unless you were on the Beta channel on June 24th and removed, there is no way to subscribe. Now at least you can install the ISO if you want.

ISO images can be helpful if you want to clean the operating system. So now, if you’re going to get your hands on Windows 11 vNext, you don’t need to install Windows 11 and then subscribe to the Dev channel. You can download the ISO and start from scratch.

As usual, there are three editions of Windows 11 (or Windows 10) you can download. This includes Windows 11, Windows 11 Enterprise, and Windows 11 Home China. And, of course, those three come from three channels, including Dev, Beta, and Release Preview. You can download the Windows 11 Insider Preview ISOs here.