You can install Windows 11 on the PC you want, but Microsoft is not responsible for what happens

Suppose you are interested in installing Windows 11. In that case, you will already know that the new version of Microsoft’s operating system is coming down -as of next October 5, in a week and a half. It has been because of the changing technical requirements if it has spoken for something, in addition to its pseudo-retouch to the desktop. “Will I be able to install Windows 11 on my PC?” Many users ask. And the definitive answer is yes.

That is at least what is extracted from what they publish in  The Verge, due to the personal story of one of its editors with the last update received by Windows 11. We informed you about it yesterday: the preliminary version of Windows 11  already is available, so all those users who remained in a previous one have been able to leap. The next update to appear is supposed to be the stable one.

In that situation was the editor above of The Verge: he had been able to install Windows 11 and had been using it for a while without major problems, even though PC Health Check did not validate the equipment as fully compatible with the system. We also talked to you about this utility a few days ago. PC Health Check is finally available to all users after having disappeared for a while and only available to participants in the Windows Insider program.

Well, PC Health Check did not give the ok to the team of the editor of The Verge: «The new application PC Health Check is still misleading because it suggests that my desktop gaming PC, a perfectly good 7th generation Core i7 is not ready for Windows 11, even though I already installed Windows 11 and am running it without problems, “he explains. The only requirement that it did not meet is that of the processor, since according to PC Health Check “at the moment” it is not supported.

You will have to accept a disclaimer to install Windows 11

If the story sounds familiar to you, you are correct because the fact that  Windows 11 can be installed on any PC  comes from almost a month ago and refers largely to the issue with processors. As is evident, Microsoft does not approve a model CPU like the one indicated for Windows 11; it does not mean that it has to give any problem.

Thus, the software giant’s position is to deny certain updates, including security updates, according to the hardware that the system detects. But it is not the only surprise that Microsoft had in store for us: you will also have to accept a disclaimer to install Windows 11, whereby you and only you will take care of any problems that arise due to incompatibilities between software and hardware.

Or what is the same:

“This PC does not meet the minimum system requirements to run Windows 11 – these requirements help ensure higher quality and more reliable experience. It is not recommended to install Windows 11 on this PC as it may cause compatibility issues. If you continue installing Windows 11, your PC will no longer be supported or entitled to receive updates. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover damage to your PC due to a lack of compatibility. By selecting Accept, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this statement. »

This, in other words, means that even if your PC does not meet the requirements,  you will be able to install Windows 11. Still, you will not be able to update it and not only will you have to face the problems that arise on your own, but you will lose even the warranty of your equipment if they happen. Take Windows 11.