You’ll soon be required to have a Microsoft account to use Windows 11 Pro

Among the great features of Microsoft ‘s new operating system is something that has totally angered users.


Windows users are furious. The new update of Microsoft ‘s operating system has very good features, but under the mattress they plan to place a mandatory function. Like the Windows 11 Home edition, the Pro version will require an Internet connection and a Microsoft account during setup.

In the current version of Windows 11 , you can still create a local user account during setup of your PC, something that also worked in the Home version of Windows 10 , but has now been removed in the Windows 11 Home version . Unless Microsoft changes its mind, local account creation will no longer be available.

This would not be a problem for those users who have Internet and Microsoft account, but the technology is global and some users are furious about the new status of Windows 11 Pro.

You must have a Microsoft account, whether you want to or not

The new feature in Windows 11 Pro will make it harder to donate or sell computers, create images of hundreds of systems, something some businesses require, or set up a computer for someone else.

Also, this new feature gives Microsoft some power by collecting hundreds of thousands of data on more users.

“The most annoying part of this is that as a PC repair shop owner, my techs now have to get people’s MS account information just to reboot/reformat a computer now. Or do we need the customer to log in and register, then we can finish the repair” . noted a Reddit user .