Young Americans are embarrassed to have an Android phone, according to a study

Young people consider that having an iPhone means status in the United States.


The vast majority of young Americans don’t want to be seen with an Android phone : they prefer iOS .

According to a Financial Times report , 34% of iPhone owners  in the US are members of the so-called Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012. At Samsung, only 10% are from this generation.

Youth with iOS

This target market could be key to feature growth, and Apple is already reaping the benefits. Apple ‘s market share increased from 35% in 2019 to 50% in 2022, and it’s safe to assume that a large part of the increase came from Gen Z buyers.

Gen Z’s affinity for the iPhone remains strong even as the average price hits $1,000, three times that of Android phones , and could rise even higher this year.

American teenagers are so fascinated with Apple that they feel society will reject them if they get rid of the iPhone . This not only allows the company to sell more of the iPhone , but also allows them to sell more of other products.

According to the study, Apple ships 26 iPads, 17 Apple Watches, and 35 pairs of AirPods for every 100 iPhones . By contrast, Samsung sells fewer than 11 tablets, 6 smartwatches, and 6 headsets for every 100 phones

More time on cell phone

This generation spends almost six hours a day on their phones in the US.

A large part of users uses iMessage as part of their communication. Android is not supported in this experience.

Social media behavior also indicates that some young iPhone users do not hold Android owners in high regard .