On his Instagram profile Dwayne Johnson posted the first images of Young Rock season 2 , which will start on NBC on March 15.


You can see them in the embed below …


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In the post, The Rock writes that his life “has been an incredible ride,” and adds:

Technically, Young Rock is a comedy, because I believe that the best medicine is always laughter. But I am serious when I say that I am deeply grateful for the life I have today. This is beyond my wildest dreams. And you know by now that my dreams are known to be quite wild.

The Rock goes out of its way

Young Rock’s first season arrived in Italy in January, on Sky and streaming on NOW. Dwayne Johnson obviously appears as himself in this frame. We are in 2032: Randall Park (star of Fresh Off the Boat and Till Maybe You Part , but also of WandaVision ) interviews The Rock who ran for president of the United States – reference to a joke about Johnson’s future in politics we have all done. The action hero and White House suitor answers questions about his origins and, in each episode, tells an anecdote set at a different point in his life. This is why three actors were called to play the young Dwayne Johnson:Adrian Groulx is The Rock at 10, Bradley Constant at 15 and Uli Latukefu at 18-20. The cast also features Stacey Leilua as mother Ata Johnson; Joseph Lee Andersonn as his father Rocky Johnson; Ana Tuisila is the grandmother Lia Maivia. With them also Rosario Dawson .