YouTube Blocks 4K Playback for Free Users, Reports Say

YouTube wants to promote the increase in the number of subscriptions to its Premium service .


YouTube continues to test new options and one of the most recent will greatly harm users who do not subscribe to its Premium service.

Through Reddit forums, some users have noticed that the platform has restricted the viewing of videos in 4K resolution and is only allowing it for its paid subscribers.

pay us or pay us

According to the attached images, YouTube is only allowing free users to watch 1440p videos. The 2160p option, the famous 4K , maintains a warning that says ‘ Premium : Press to join’.

Google has yet to confirm its intentions to make 4K streaming exclusive to Premium , so it’s quite likely the company is experimenting with the change to see public reaction.

But this test is only for a handful of users in the world and can be discarded or modified. In addition, we also do not know if it will only work on cell phones or also on televisions and computers.

In Peru, video viewing is still as it was before.

Boost the Premium

YouTube is bothering free users so they can be encouraged to subscribe to Premium , which maintains a monthly cost of 20 soles.

Days ago, users have begun to notice that more and more ads are chained in the middle of the videos , all of an amount that is impossible to ignore.

In addition to not offering ads, Premium also allows you to download videos to watch them without internet, as well as allowing playback in the background. The platform is also testing an affordable plan to watch videos without ads, albeit without the other benefits of the plan.