YouTube: Creators will be able to co-host live shopping streams

YouTube is adding a new feature to its Live Broadcasts feature , where it will allow creators and brands to have more connection with the audience.


Last year, YouTube introduced a feature that will allow viewers to purchase products directly from a live stream . Now the company is taking that feature a step further by allowing creators to co-host live shopping streams across two channels.

At its annual Brandcast event , YouTube also introduced a new “redirects” feature that will allow YouTubers to work more closely with brands.

YouTube said these new features will be a way to help creators and advertisers have more “meaningful connections” with their audiences. The feature allows two channels to live stream and co-host together, “bringing their communities together in a single live shopping stream ,” YouTube said.

Live shopping stream

Live Redirects is an exciting new feature that allows creators to start a shopping live stream on their own channel and then redirect to a brand’s channel to keep viewers engaged. 

With these features, YouTube is taking live shopping to another level to take on traditional TV shopping channels. 

The shared hosting feature will arrive sometime in 2022, but what the interface of the new features will look like is not yet known.