YouTube: how to share a video from a certain moment?

The YouTube platform  allows you to watch and share videos; however, some of them are usually long, but we can share certain exact moments with this guide.


In the YouTube application  you can view a large number and variety of videos from famous content creators. On many occasions these materials contain funny moments that you want to share with friends or family, but when you send the link you have to see the content from the beginning, you cannot from a certain moment, which means that the recipient of the video has to see it all.

This note will explain step by step how to share a video from the specific moment in which the funny or important action that you want to link to send is performed.

Share a YouTube video from a certain time

First of all, you must go to the platform, choose the video of your choice and click “Play”. Here the “Share” options appear, (it is located at the bottom right of the video) and click on the button.

Subsequently, a pop-up window will appear: at the bottom a box will be displayed with the url to share the video, which is normally used for submissions, but below it you will see another option called “Start in” and the exact time in which you want the video to start (the link will change automatically).

When the link is generated, you can also manually adjust the minute and second that you want the material to start. It must be taken into account that the XXm symbolizes the minutes and the XXs the seconds. For example, if you want the video to start at minute 5 with 30 seconds, you must put 5m30s so that it is at the indicated time.