YouTube Premium now lets you zoom in on videos

The paid version of YouTube will test this feature until September 1.


YouTube Premium has rolled out a new feature that allows its subscribers to zoom in on a video image from their mobile device, just by pinching the screen of the YouTube app .

Among other benefits, the Google -owned platform gives members of its paid subscription service ad-free content viewing, as well as early access for a limited time to new features it’s working on.

The last of these new features allows the user to pinch the screen with two fingers while playing a video to zoom in and enlarge the image they want to see in greater detail or reduce it, as YouTube explains on its website.

The user can zoom both in vertical view, with the video player located at the top of the panel, and in full-screen playback, in landscape mode.

YouTube: How to enable zoom on videos?

YouTube points out that this novelty will be available to Premium subscribers of the platform, who can try this and other functions, until September 1.

If you are a YouTube Premium subscriber , you need to access the platform’s experimental features page .

The user will have the “Pinch to zoom” option, which they have to activate. This will be available until September 1.

With information from Europe Press