YouTube prepares a free series and movie service with ads

YouTube also wants to compete with the most famous streaming services and go global with its “new television”.


YouTube is preparing to announce a free, ad-supported movie and series service that can compete with other streaming giants around the world.

The report comes from The Wall Street Journal and details that the giant is already advancing in its tests of its ‘television’ service for the whole world.

This will be the proposal of YouTube

The first thing to note is that Google is not preparing an independent service, but it will be an integration of channels within YouTube itself , where its advertising will also be included.

The company is already in talks with different companies to include from complete series to movies in their entirety. Among the first is Lionsgate, FilmRise and A&E Networks.

The tests are already reaching a small group of users, who will provide the necessary feedback to refine the service for its launch at the end of 2023, although without an exact date.

internet tv

YouTube has long allowed you to rent and buy movies from its portal, but now it is adding channels to its service.

In the United States, for example, Primetime Channels shows content on channels from other services such as Paramount, Showtime or AMC.

YouTube ‘s intention is to compete with the growing Roku TV, Pluto TV or even Fox itself.