YouTube Shorts surpassed 50 billion daily views and continues to seek to compete with TikTok

YouTube Shorts , the short video division of the Google platform , managed to break the barrier of 50 billion views per day.


YouTube Shorts , the short video division hosted on the same platform, has exceeded 50 billion views per day, a true milestone in its history considering that it only registered around 30 billion in 2022. The initiative that Alphabet -Google ‘s parent company- devised to face TikTok in its own territory begins to give remarkable results for the company.

As indicated by Insider , Sundar Pichai -current CEO of the company- announced these results on February 2 in the call to present the results of the fourth quarter of 2022 of Alphabet. YouTube Shorts  ‘ growth comes at a critical time as revenue in segments like Search, advertising and YouTube declined. The latter in particular posted its second consecutive quarter of year-over-year revenue decline, a situation brought on by the rise of TikTok .

YouTube Shorts is the hope of Google

In the last quarter of 2022, YouTube generated just under $8 billion in revenue, up from $8.6 billion at the same time last year. Like other tech firms suffering from falling ad revenue, Alphabet attributed the decline to cutting advertiser spending amid concerns a looming recession.

The announcement of the strong audience for Shorts comes just one day after YouTube allowed creators to share ad revenue from short videos with the company. Once accepted into the YouTube Partner Program , users will receive a share of revenue from ads that appear on both long and short videos. Some users are already thinking about moving more content to YouTube Shorts .

This could prove beneficial for YouTube Shorts as it could cause people to turn away from TikTok . The ByteDance application has not revealed exact figures on the visits it receives per day, but it mentioned in September 2021 that it had one billion monthly users. Shou Zi Chew , CEO of TikTok, said that the app was on track to generate $10 billion in revenue by 2022.

Google keeps trying to deal with TikTok

Philipp Schindler , Google ‘s Chief Business Officer , stated in the presentation that “it’s still early days” for Shorts . However, YouTube has been considered the platform of choice for video creators to make money for a long time, as they can take a direct share of the ad revenue.

“ YouTube is the only destination where creators can produce all kinds of content in multiple formats, across multiple screens, and really, with multiple ways to make a living ,” Schindler said. In addition, the executive added that Alphabet ‘s goal was to “make YouTube the best place for Shorts and creators”.

In parallel, other applications such as TikTok and Snapchat have already started their funds for creators, but these are still pools through which profits are distributed based on factors such as the total number of visits. In the past, certain users have complained that the programs on these platforms are very obtuse and do not pay what one would expect. On the other hand, a report from The Information  indicates that Meta is contemplating the possibility of sharing advertising revenue with creators on its platforms such as Instagram and Facebook .