YouTube: Susan Wojcicki resigns as CEO of the company after almost a decade in charge

After nine years as YouTube boss , Susan Wojcicki has decided to step away from the company she ran for much of her professional career.


YouTube  is about to go through its biggest change in almost a decade now that Susan Wojcicki , CEO of the Google subsidiary , has decided to resign from her position. After having worked for 25 years in the company directed by Sundar Pichai and after 9 years directing the largest video platform on the planet, the executive has chosen to completely move away from Alphabet – parent company of Google and YouTube – and start a new chapter in their life.

Through a letter sent to the workers and published on the company’s official blog , Wojcicki revealed that he has decided to say goodbye to his role as YouTube boss because he is looking to spend more time with his family, his health and other projects. personal ones that you have been waiting for a long time.

YouTube loses its legendary CEO

In the released statement, Wojcicki also revealed the new head of YouTube . This is Neal Mohan , an executive who was incorporated into the company by the now former CEO nine years ago and who all this time served as director of products for this division of Google . Now, after the resignation of Wojcicki , Mohan has become the new boss of YouTube.

Mohan initially held the role of Head of Graphics and Video Ads when he joined Wojcicki ‘s team . Due to his skills, he soon rose to become the Product Manager of YouTube . During his administration, some alternative products of the firm such as YouTube TV, YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Shorts were promoted , so it is not surprising that he has been chosen for such a position.

Susan Wojcicki, a lifetime at Google

Susan Wojcicki was, without a doubt, one of the most important and veteran executives of Google in its entire history. This professional she was part of those of Mountain View since 1998, in the period in which Google was not yet the colossus that we know now and it was just taking its first steps. Seeing the promising project of Larry Page and Sergey Brin , Wojcicki did not hesitate to join to contribute to it.

“I saw the potential of what they were building ,” the now former CEO of YouTube mentioned in her post. Through his years at Google , Wojcicki became involved in a plethora of projects that formed part of the company’s history from the development of the image search engine to the early phases of the creative process behind the advertising platform. AdSense .

Because she suggested acquiring YouTube in 2006, Wojcicki was entrusted with the CEO of the subsidiary in 2014, thus becoming one of the few women to hold a high position in the technology industry.