YouTube tests ‘1080p Premium’ quality videos only for subscribers

YouTube is testing an ‘enhanced’ version of 1080p quality, but only for YouTube Premium users .

Google has begun testing the new 1080p streaming option for YouTube , which would be exclusive to users of the paid version of the video platform , YouTube Premium .

Currently YouTube has different display configurations, which depend on the formats in which the creator has uploaded them. These range from 144p, the minimum quality 244p, to 7680p (8K), which is the maximum, going through 240p or 1080p HD , among others available.

Some Reddit users have spotted a new option in the quality settings menu on YouTube , dubbed 1080p Premium , a button that is “currently available to a small group of subscribers” on the paid version of YouTube

Improved version of the 1080

As confirmed to The Verge by YouTube spokesperson Paul Pennington, ” 1080p Premium is an enhanced bitrate version of 1080p that provides more information per pixel and gives a higher quality viewing experience.”

Faced with rumors that the platform is considering eliminating this format for users of the free version, the spokesperson has confirmed that “there are no changes to the existing quality offers for 1080p (HD) resolution . ”

It is not the first time that YouTube has experimented with its viewing options, since in October last year it eliminated the 4K mode, which became available only to subscribers of its paid service. (Europe Press)