YouTube warns it will not monetize content that denies climate change

Google, the owner of YouTube, announces that it will not allow ads in content that promotes climate change denial.

Google wants to remove climate change deniers from its YouTube video platform by cutting ads on content that contradicts well-established research from the scientific community.

This measure is one of the most aggressive technological platforms to combat misinformation about climate change.

In a blog post, the tech giant reports that Google advertisers and publishers, as well as content creators on YouTube, will be banned from generating ad revenue with videos that contradict “the existence and causes of climate change.”

Aggressive measure against misinformation

The Google Ads team  noted that the policy change reflects the wishes of advertisers, who “just don’t want their ads to appear alongside this content.”

Additionally, he noted that creators and publishers don’t want ads promoting climate denial in their videos. The company will also remove videos with misinformation about any vaccine.

Google consulted with experts from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change about the new monetization. YouTube will begin implementing these new changes from November.