YouTube will allow you to download videos from its website … if you pay

YouTube Premium will expand its tool to download videos from the application now to the web.

YouTube has started to test downloading videos from the web without the need for third-party services to watch them offline.

Android Police have discovered this toolIt’s simple: When you browse YouTube, you’ll see a ‘Download’ button below the video player.

At the moment, the feature is only confirmed for India and France, but most likely, it will reach the whole world.


Unfortunately, this download function will not be available to all users but only to those with a YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube Premium costs 11.99 euros per month in the European market (with the first month of free trial). In Peru, the monthly price of the service amounts to 20.90 soles.

The new download option is listed as finished on October 19, 2021. Since it’s just a feature YouTube is testing, it makes sense for it to be temporary cico, but it has a short lifespan to test it out.

To test if it’s available to you, head over to and check the Labs page for a box labeled “Download videos from your browser.”