Only yesterday we learned the official announcement of Kitamura Takumi as Yusuke Urameshi in Yu Yu Hakusho ‘s live action series , produced by Netflix .


Today, the platform’s Japanese account announced that the casting of the four main characters will be revealed shortly, providing four teaser images. In addition to Yusuke, we glimpse: Hiei, Kurama and Koenma in the form of a young man:

Shortly thereafter, the first official image of Kitamura as Yusuke was revealed, wearing the classic green school uniform, and his hair back:

Kitamura recalled:

“At first I had to laugh because I thought it was a big joke, since it is a work of art.
But I was really excited to be able to take on another challenge with director Tsukikawa, this time on Netflix.
I think it is such a historical work that it is no exaggeration to say that it is the starting point of the proud Japanese culture of manga and anime. It is universal and unique ”.

Speaking of his role he added:

“I have the impression that it has a darker atmosphere than the original work. I play the role of Yusuke with the vivacity and kindness of a Yankee who does not shy away from what he has in front of him. “

Director Tsukikawa Sho explained:

“When I first heard about Yu Yu Hakusho’s live-action adaptation, I honestly thought it was going to be impossible to do. However, the producer’s vision and my hope of doing it on Netflix gradually grew and, before I knew it, I was inspired to create. “

Speaking of this adaptation he said:

“In the live-action adaptation, we tried to make a work that could be enjoyed simply as entertainment, while keeping its universal themes at the center. While the VFXs were quite challenging, we used cutting-edge technology to create a work that represents the pinnacle of what can be done today. The effects are a challenge but we are working to achieve the highest possible quality.
From the very beginning of the project, I was aware of [having to reach a global audience]. Just like when I first heard of the live-action series, there may be many people who think it would be impossible to make, but I believe that no matter how many words I use, I have no choice but to prove it with this work. . I will put my heart and soul into this project until the end, so that I can offer the world the highest quality entertainment from Japan. “

The manga:

Published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from 1990 to 1994, Togashi Yoshihiro ‘s series consists of 19 volumes. The work is published in Italy by Star Comics with the title Yu degli ghostri.

Urameshi is the bad boy stereotype. One day he saves a child from a car by dying. A useless gesture since the child would have survived without his help. There is no place for him in the afterlife due to his sudden death, so the Spirit World gives him a second chance. He eventually agrees to become a spirit detective tasked with protecting the human world from supernatural threats.

An animated series of 112, two animated feature films and a series of OAVs, animations created for the home video market, have been drawn from the manga.

The team

Executive producer is Sakamoto Kazutaka (Alice in Borderland, The Naked Director, Ride or Die, Devilman Crybaby, Aggretsuko). Directed by Tsukikawa Sho (Let Me Eat Your Pancreas) who said:

“From the start, we were keenly aware that we were creating a series for a global audience.
… I will continue to pour my heart and soul into the project to offer the best Japanese entertainment in the world ”.

The script is the work of Tatsurō Mishima , special effects supervisor Ryō Sakaguchi .