Dune: Part Two is currently filming in Abu Dhabi, and Zendaya has posted a stunning photo of her in the desert (but not in costume).

They are the same landscapes that we will see in the film, where they will act as a “stand-in” for Arrakis.

The Malcolm and Marie actress plays Chani , who we have only seen in the incipit and epilogue of the first film. In the sequel, however, her role will be much wider, as a co-protagonist. She and the other Fremen will join Paul Atreides ( Timothée Chalamet ) in the battle against the Harkonnens .

The evocative Mondo poster dedicated to the previous chapter is also available. I remind you that the American release is expected for November 3, 2023 .

You can see the pictures below.

The World poster

The cast of the first film

The cast includes Timothée Chalamet ( Paul Atreides ), Rebecca Ferguson ( Lady Jessica ), Dave Bautista ( Glossu Rabban ), Stellan Skarsgård ( Baron Harkonnen ), Charlotte Rampling ( Reverend Mother Mohiam ), Oscar Isaac ( Duke Leto Atreides ), Zendaya ( Chani ), Javier Bardem ( Stilgar ), Josh Brolin ( Gurney Halleck ), Jason Momoa ( Duncan Idaho), David Dastmalchian ( Peter De Vries ) and Chang Chen ( Dr. Wellington Yueh ).

The sequel

The sequel will add Florence Pugh ( Princess Irulan ), Austin Butler ( Feyd-Rautha ), Léa Seydoux ( Lady Margaret ), Christopher Walken ( Emperor Shaddam IV ) and Souheila Yacoub ( Shishakli ).

The screenplay

Dune was adapted by David Lynch in the 1984 film of the same name, but previously Alejandro Jodorowsky attempted an ambitious transposition that collided with the rejection of Hollywood, as told by the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune .

This new adaptation by Denis Villeneuve ( The singing woman, Prisoners, Sicario, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049 ) and screenwriter Eric Roth ( Forrest Gump , Ali , Munich ) is surrounded by high expectations, and has already been described as one “ Star Wars for adults”. As we know, the film will only adapt the first half of Herbert ‘s novel .

The synopsis of the novel, published in Italy by Fanucci

Arrakis is the most inhospitable planet in the galaxy. A wasteland of sand and rocks populated by creeping monsters and lashed by devastating storms. But on its surface grows the melange, the substance that gives men the ability to open their mental horizons, know the future, acquire the ability to maneuver the immense spaceships that guarantee exchanges between worlds and the very survival of the Empire. On the wise Duke Leto, of the Atreides family, falls the choice of the Emperor for the succession to the cruel Harkonnens in the government of the coveted planet. It is the end of the fragile balance of power on which the order of the Empire was based, the beginning of a cosmic clash between extraordinary forces, magical and mysterious peoples, unknown and unfathomable intelligences.


Thomas Tull, Mary Parent and Cale Boyter will produce Dune , while Brian Herbert, Byron Merritt and Kim Herbert will serve as executive producers; Kevin J. Anderson will instead be the creative consultant.