ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G: Is this phone worth going for?

ZTE presents an affordable proposal to enter the 5G market in Peru. Will the ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G be able to cope with other devices?


ZTE does not want to waste time and seeks to continue fighting in all ranges of mobile telephony in our country. This time, we have the  ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G , an affordable proposal with which the company wants to promote 5G in cities.

This device, a fork of the already famous ZTE Blade V40 Smart , the brand presents us with improvements in the specifications and new details in the design with the promise of convincing users to opt for the model. Will it be up to it? This is the opinion of NIUSGEEK.

ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G Specifications

System: Android 11 with MyOS 11

Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G

RAM: 4GB + 2GB extended RAM

Screen: 6.5”

Resolution: 1600*720

Weight: 182 grams

4000mAh battery

team design

The ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G is, in my opinion, a compact and nice phone.

It maintains a rugged rear panel that will hardly slip out of your hand (it has a transparent cover included in the box) and that, in our case, is ruled by an almost pastel light blue (I accept: it reminds me of the Sporting Cristal and possibly my opinion not be biased in a good way).

Its camera module is located at the top right, with the three lenses forming a column within a black and silver highlight. It does not take up much height, so it will not unbalance the equipment if you put it on its back.

Let’s go to the screen. This is a 6.5” IPS LCD, a standard size and not at all outrageous. It has semi-curvilinear edges and a drop-shaped notch for the front camera.

The sides are configured as follows: at the top, the microphone; on the right, the volume +/- buttons, in addition to the lock button that also works as a fingerprint sensor; on the left, the slot for SIM and microSD cards; at the bottom, the only speakers of the equipment, a USB-C port, the reset button and a 3.5mm Jack port.

I include in this section the good response time for the fingerprint sensor and facial recognition.

In matters of style, it is a team that does not seek to be pretentious and does so without ever touching total simplicity.


With the experience in our hands and pockets, the ZTE Blade V40 Smart 5G has managed to surprise me in points that I did not expect, but it does have deficiencies that must be evaluated by the user.

Let’s start with his power and brains. With the prejudice of the Unisoc chips , I expected a phone certainly slow and not aggressive in multitasking, but the team arrives with a MediaTek Dimensity 700 that does the job with freshness.